Stop whose war?

Submitted by Matthew on 18 February, 2015 - 12:53 Author: Dale Street

The Stop the War Coalition (SWC) and the Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine (SARU) campaign are staging a protest about Ukraine in London on Sunday 22 February.

In the course of 2014 Russia annexed Crimea, encouraged and organised separatist agitation in the south-east of Ukraine, invaded Ukraine in late August, and consistently provided the separatists with some of the most modern munitions and weaponry available.

SWC and SARU have therefore decided to picket – the US Embassy!

According to publicity for the event, the USA and NATO are “beating the drums of war”. They intend providing weapons to “17 neo-Nazi battalions under the command of Dmitry Yarosh.”

There is “a very real prospect of escalation towards World War Three in Europe.” This is “based on false accusations of ‘Russian aggression’ (inverted commas in original) and media demonisation of Vladimir Putin.”

It is believed that Alexander Litvinenko’s widow will not be speaking at the event.

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