Stop the Labour purge!

Submitted by Matthew on 2 December, 2015 - 10:55

Since the last issue of Solidarity, there have been a number of successes for the campaign to stop the witch-hunt against the left in the Labour Party.

Andrew Fisher, Jeremy Corbyn’s chief policy adviser, has been reinstated to membership after a month of suspension. Two socialists expelled from the Labour Party, Liam Cooper in Lambeth and Gerry Downing in Brent, have been reinstated follow appeals and protests locally.

One of the six comrades expelled because of their association with Workers’ Liberty has received confirmation that they will have an appeal hearing. The other comrades are also appealing. On the other hand the Stop the Labour Purge campaign has received reports of other left-wingers expelled from the party in places around the country.

In other words, the campaign to stop the purge is both highly necessary — and, if we step it up, can win.

What you can do:

• Pass a motion against the purge through your Labour Party ward, CLP, union or other organisation. See here for a model motion.

• Add your or your organisation’s name to the statement signed by hundreds of labour movement activists across the country — also on the blog.

• Invite a speaker from the campaign: email us here.

• Get in touch to let us know if you have any information about expulsions, people being barred, etc, or want to help with the campaign.

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