Steve Godward wins!

Submitted by Anon on 25 February, 2004 - 12:56

Victimised firefighter Steve Godward, who was sacked from his job in the West Midlands Fire Service during the 30k pay dispute, has won his final appeal (made to John Prescott) against the sacking.
Steve said in a statement: "They singled me out because I was a successful and active union official. These were trumped up charges from the start and I am glad my name has been cleared at last.

"It was such a relief to my family who have been through hell for the past year. The fire authority victimisation of our family continued when they ejected my three-year-old son out of his workplace nursery after they sacked me, although I had this right of appeal. My daughter was taunted at school after I was sacked. It has been an awful experience for us, but this is good news at last.

"It is financial help from my union which has kept this family's heads above water for the last year. And I thank the FBU for providing me with legal assistance with my case throughout this ordeal. I await contact from the WMFS to advise when I can commence back at Aston Fire Station."

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