Some left gains at London Young Labour

Submitted by Matthew on 13 January, 2016 - 12:18 Author: Ellie Clarke

London Young Labour’s AGM happened on the 9-10 January.

The weekend was mixed, but overall it was a success for the left. Although the left slate did poorly in elections, conference successfully set lots of left-wing policy.

This including a motion calling for the reinstatement of all those members of the Labour Party who have been expelled. The motion specifically named comrades who have been expelled for being associated with Workers’ Liberty.

The AGM also passed a motion calling for solidarity with the Syrian people both at home and as refugees in Europe, as well as an amendment that called for mandatory reselection of MPs.

One motion had been ruled out of order by the regional Labour Party. This was a full motion that called for the mandatory re-selection of MPs. Although we didn’t get to hear the motion in the end we did get to have a lively debate about democracy in Young Labour, the purpose of it, and what role, if any, London Region should play.

As Solidarity goes to press results are yet to be announced for the committee election but most people are fairly confident at least a few of the established Labour Left will be elected.

Victory in the motions debate is heartening for the left and we now have much more left wing and progressive policies than any other section of the Labour Party.

This can only serve to strengthen the fight both inside and outside of the Labour Party.

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