SADP conference report

Submitted by Janine on 1 April, 2005 - 6:54

By Alan Thomas

The conference of the Socialist Alliance Democracy Platform (SADP) on 12 March was bigger than I had expected: 40–50 present over the day.

There were the usual SADP faces, people from the Alliance for Green Socialism, and a national mobilisation of ex-WRPers/Morenoites. Also Hillel Ticktin from Critique, John Bridge and a couple more from the CPGB, and the Red Party.

The first two motions were about structure for the group to come out of the conference.

The first, more “partyist” version, put forward by John Pearson, fell, albeit with a significant minority voting in favour.

The second, deliberately loose and federalist, motion, proposed by Pete McLaren, passed by roughly the same margin as Pearson’s motion fell.

The motion proposing support [in the general election] for the Socialist Green Unity Coalition was passed.

So too the odd motion from the CPGB which seemingly did little other than commit the conference to the notion that a Marxist organisation would be a good idea, without proposing to do much to bring it about.

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