Right-wing press attacks Momentum activists

Submitted by cathy n on 17 February, 2016 - 2:48 Author: Sacha Ismail

Following the first democratic national committee meeting for Momentum, the Daily Telegraph has published an attack, written by notorious right-wing hack Andrew Gilligan, on people elected from the meeting to the Momentum steering committee, as well as on the organisation more broadly.

The article is full of lies and inventions, including a claim that the Momentum NC was appointed — when in fact, following some arguments in Momentum, it was elected by a more democratic process. Gilligan's attacks focuses on individuals.

One Momentum Steering Committee member, as a student union sabbatical officer, criticised pro-war Remembrance events and defended his fellow officer's decision not to take part.  Another stood as a socialist candidate against Harriet Harman... six years ago. Another — shock, horror — is part of an organisation that defends migrants and refugees. And so on. All the claims have elements of lying in them, but mostly these comrades are being attacked simply for being socialists.

The Telegraph headline claims that Momentum wants a "ruthless purge" in Labour, but in fact it is the Telegraph obviously pushing for a witch-hunt against Momentum. The more Momentum develops, the more attacks it will face. It needs to stand firm in the face of the assault and defend the comrades being targeted.

More generally, it needs a clear campaigning agenda — mobilising its supporters to fight for Labour election victories, to shake up the party, and to campaign on big issues like the NHS — so that it can pro-actively push forward regardless of the right wing's shrieking.

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