A paper for the working class

Submitted by AWL on 21 February, 2003 - 10:24

Every single part of Murdoch’s vast empire of papers and media supports Bush and Blair’s drive for war. On one man’s say so, irrespective of what “public opinion” really is, these papers pump out war propaganda. That is why it is so important that the labour movement and socialist groups have their own papers to get their message across. We need papers like Solidarity.
Upholding the best traditions of journalism, we are on the ball in our reporting, rigorous in our analysis, and completely partisan in our affiliations: we serve the working class.
We need a lot more funds to increase our frequency to weekly, and we aim to raise £10,000 by 30 April. But our fund total is creeping up far too slowly.
Please send a cheque or postal order, payable to “Action”, to PO Box 28124, London SE6 4WS. We can provide standing order forms to readers who can make regular contributions.
Thank you this week to John Stewart, £25, and Leicester AWL for £25.

Our fund total now stands at £2,265.73

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