Organise young Corbyn supporters!

Submitted by martin on 2 October, 2016 - 4:57

Opinion polls show the 18-24 age group as the only one in which Jeremy Corbyn, after the summer's battering by the media and the Labour right, is more popular than Theresa May.

Yet another poll, done by YouGov, showed the 18-24 age range as one of the very few subgroups of Labour Party membership in which Owen Smith outpolled Corbyn.

Young people supporting Corbyn and left-wing policies have not been signed up and organised, or not anywhere near sufficiently.

No surprise, when Young Labour (despite now having a nominally left-wing committee) and Labour Students are under stifling party-machine control, designed to make them lifeless and unwelcoming.

Even within the existing undemocratic rules, it is possible to organise a far greater number of constituency Young Labour groups, and far more and livelier campus Labour Clubs. That should be a priority for the left.

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