Old photos, documents, memoirs?

Submitted by martin on 19 April, 2016 - 1:33 Author: Martin Thomas

Do you have any old photos of the activity or the people of our tendency - of Workers' Liberty, or before that of Socialist Organiser, of the WSL, of the I-CL, or of Workers' Fight, back to 1966?

This year is the 50th anniversary of the political current now organised as the Alliance for Workers' Liberty. We are planning publications and events to mark the anniversary.

Five years ago we systematically collated all the old documents and files we had at our office, and deposited them at the library of the London School of Economics:


We know that there are gaps in that collection, particularly from the earlier years. We also know that we are particularly short of photographs from the early years of the tendency.

For example, we have one photo of the Workers' Fight/ Workers' Power merger national committee, from December 1975:


but it's poor quality, and in the office we have almost no other photos of our people or activities from that era or earlier.

Personal memoir pieces by older comrades about notable class-struggle or political moments in the history will also be useful for the publications and events that we are planning.

Please contact awl@workersliberty.org.

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