Nottingham conference to discuss fightback

Submitted by AWL on 12 May, 2015 - 5:29 Author: Pete Radcliff

On Monday 11 May, a packed meeting of Beeston North Labour Party branch in Broxtowe constituency, Nottingham, voted to initiate a broad local labour movement conference to discuss the way forward for the movement after the Tories' election victory.

The meeting debated the resolution for well over an hour, but in the end there was only one vote against.

The motion is going forward to Broxtowe CLP on 28 May, but the branch agreed to move forward in contacting other labour movement organisations immediately.

The motion focuses on five areas: organising a fightback and demanding Labour Party support for it; opposing nationalist anti-migrant and anti-Europe agitation; opposing further division between Scottish and English workers; sorting out the left's electoral strategy; and opposing a Blairite coronation for the new Labour leader.

We need the broadest possible labour movement discussion about how we get organised and fight back, and the ideas underpinning that. Could you initiate a similar conference in your area?

• For the text of the Beeston North resolution, see here

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