More ASLEF Action

Submitted by Off The Rails on 7 November, 2007 - 8:42

86.9% of drivers at Midland Mainline have voted for strike action to force the company to enhance pension provision in line with previous pay improvements. ASLEF’s executive has named a series of one day strikes every Thursday for six weeks starting on 25 October.

ASLEF has also called strikes on Silverlink about pensionable pay, after 90.5% of members voted in favour of industrial action. Again, the Society has named six one-day strikes at weekly intervals, this time on Fridays starting on 26th November.

Off The Rails is pleased to see that these strikes will be held on working weekdays, as strikes on these days will affect business and thus make them so much more effective.

But we have to ask: why not have both companies striking on the same days? We can be sure that the managements of the companies will help each other to reduce the impact of the strikes, so surely workers should also maximise our impact by maximising unity.
With a ballot also starting on Scotrail over discipline, it is good to see ASLEF step up its militancy. But this needs to be seen through, and carried out with the maximum effectiveness.

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