international women's day: join no sweat to protest

Submitted by AWL on 21 February, 2003 - 4:38

On International Women’s Day, 8 March, No Sweat will be organising a series of protests against women’s sweatshop labour.

For London, No Sweat has produced a leaflet with a map of “Streets of Shame” on one side and a factsheet on the other.

On the map are the locations of the Disney, Gap, Nike and Puma stores around the Oxford Circus area. We will be protesting outside all these shops from 12-3, ending with a rally at Puma on Carnaby St at 3pm.

We are asking people to go into shops, take a garment to the customer services manager and ask him or her about the conditions under which the product was made.

Other actions will take place in Edinburgh, Sheffield, Oxford, Norwich and other towns across Britain.

If you want to help or set up your own activity please phone 07904 431 959.

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