International caravan to save the lives of Colombian workers

Submitted by Anon on 27 April, 2004 - 9:26

From the Colombian trade union federation, CUT

In 2003, 78 trade unionists were killed in Colombia by paramilitary groups. Since the foundation of the Colombian Trade Union Federation (CUT), 3,800 trade unionists have died that way.

The State has not had the political will to find those responsible, to judge them and thus mitigate the pain of the victims. The vast majority of the legal cases has been archived or remain in preliminary stages, without possibility of showing to the world the truth about these crimes against humanity.

The state, as always, has responded in a violent way to our demands for justice. Dozens of popular leaders are in Colombian jails accused of terrorism and rebellion.

This harsh reality has led several union and human rights organizations to appeal to the justice of other countries in order to obtain full reparations for their comrades, relatives and friends.

The international campaigns being waged against multinational corporations are very important. These have allowed us to show the world how companies like Nestlé, Coca Cola, Occidental Petroleum, Repsol, Frontino Gold Mines, Mineros of Antioquia, Corona Golfields, South American Gold Corporation, Normandy Mining, and BP, among others, have benefited from the criminal actions committed by paramilitary groups.

We want the international union movement to demand from the Colombian state clarification of the crimes committed against our unionists.

We want a grand international event that puts before the eyes of the world the truth about the crimes against humanity that are destroying workers' organizations and their communities.

We want trade unionists to visit us and help us to continue existing and advancing in the search for the other possible Colombia.

Our great initiative for life will take place from June 21 to 25 2004 in several regions of Colombia.

The Colombia Solidarity Campaign is taking a delegation from Britain. Let them know if you want to join it. We welcome the co-operation of all sections of the trade unions and social movements wishing to participate.

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