Help us raise £30,000

Submitted by Anon on 6 March, 2004 - 9:08

Solidarity is virtually alone in putting the case for working-class political independence. We call for independent working-class representation, untainted by 'dirty money' and links to oppressive regimes. We only have our supporters to rely on.

We produce this paper on a shoestring. And like almost everyone on the planet we are saddled with debt.
That is why are launching a fund drive. We want to raise £30,000 by International Women's Day 2005.

Can you help us by:

  • Giving a donation. Every little does indeed help, but can you afford to give us a day's wages?
  • Taking out a standing order. A regular contribution of £5 or £20 or more a month will ensure you get every issue of Solidarity and every publication produced by the Alliance for Workers' Liberty.
    For a standing order form, ring 020 7207 4774 or sign up via Paypal

Thanks to increases in supporting contributions and donations of £50 from Dave and £100 from Norwich AWL our fundraising has got off to a good start.

Total: £1,038

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