Help us raise £30,000!

Submitted by Janine on 5 September, 2004 - 8:54

Help us raise £30,000!

What a dull summer it’s been. And there’s been nothing coming into the kitty. Were it not for the money raised by comrades working at Reading Festival, it would have been a complete washout. We are looking forward to an autumn of renewed political activity and a drive on increasing public sales of Solidarity. Why not ask for a “solidarity price” for this paper — £1 — even that little extra will help us!

Help us by…
• Giving a donation. Can you afford to give us a day’s wages?
• Taking out a standing order. A
regular contribution of £5 or £20 or more a month will ensure you get every publication produced by the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, including Solidarity.
For a standing order form, ring 020 7207 4774 or go to
• We have two t-shirt designs for sale: t-shirts have pictures of Marx or Trotsky and are £11 each including p&p. Send cheques payable to “AWL” to our address.
• Why not get some badges for political stalls? We have a variety of designs and slogans. These are normally 50p each. 10 are £4; 20 are £8, etc; or you can get 50 for £18.
Since the last issue of Solidarity we have raised just £40 in donations from readers, £30 in new subscriptions, along with £53 in merchandise and £180 in increased standing orders. A total of £303. We are now half-way through our fundraising year but have still to get past the half-way mark in our fundraising drive. Time to get serious....

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