Havering Unison yes to strike

Submitted by Anon on 25 February, 2004 - 12:58

By a Havering Unison member

Local Government workers in the Tory-controlled London Borough of Havering have voted for industrial action to defend conditions. 77% voted to strike against plans to charge £5 a week for staff to park in Council car parks - even if they are essential car users! There are also plans to "fast track" sick employees to dismissal. And council chiefs are attacking entitlements of staff being made redundant or seeking early retirement.
Arrangements for restructuring and redeployment are being changed to give management more flexibility and staff and trade unions less influence. Managers will be allowed to redeploy a person into a different role against their will. The Council's budget position means that posts will have to be deleted. People will be forced into jobs which they did not apply for and do not want.

All this is being done without proper consultation and in the name of "building a healthy organisation". As Unison Branch Secretary Emma Macey puts it: "Healthy for whom? Not the staff!"

Unison are holding meetings with colleagues from the GMB and T&G to discuss strategy.

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