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Submitted by Anon on 22 May, 2004 - 10:08

In his TV review, Jack Cleary gives a rather confused potted history of the Daily Herald (Solidarity, 8 April). You might be interested in a more accurate version from one who was a regular reader of the paper.

When it became a daily, it was acquired by Odhams Press, who owned 51% of the shares, while the TUC owned the remaining 49%. Odhams had a tradition for supporting the labour movement, and published books on it.

Before being taken over by Murdoch's News International group, Odhams bought the TUC's holding in the Daily Herald, maiking it the sole shareholder. On takeover the Herald was renamed the Sun, with an assurance given by Murdoch that it would still fill a Labour slot in the market. He later renaged on that undertaking, and the Sun became the toilet paper it is today.

Ron Isaacs, Barnet

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