Coventry strikes

Submitted by Anon on 27 June, 2005 - 11:38

Some schools in Coventry have been closed and many parts of the education service have been affected by three days of strike action held by local UNISON and T&G members. They are striking against the imposition by the council of a “single status” pay deal from 1 June.

The “single status” agreement, made nationally back in 1997, is supposed to produce a deal in every council to pay all workers on comparable jobs the same rates and thus avoid legal actions for equal pay. However, the Government has allocated no money for levelling up, so the deals often mean robbing Peter to pay Paula.

Under the proposed deal in Coventry, 1,500 people are expected to lose up to £8,000 a year while 2,000 people gain. It is heartening that the “gainers” have supported the “losers”, and they have taken action together.

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