The Clarion: an opportunity for debate

Submitted by Matthew on 5 October, 2016 - 11:19

Workers’ Liberty welcomes the appearance of the Clarion, a Labour-oriented socialist magazine produced by Momentum activists. Some of our people helped make the publication of the first issue happen and will continue to be actively involved.

In our work in the Labour Party and Momentum over the last year, we have felt very sharply the lack of spaces in which activists can exchange information and discuss ideas. In Momentum one of the worst problems has been lack of information flow and the difficulties of assessing the national picture and debating the way forward, despite its proliferation of social media. We hope the Clarion will meet these needs and help improve and develop the culture of the Labour left more generally.

We hope that one outcome of this process will be Momentum shifting further to the left, but also that the magazine will involve people from a variety of left-wing backgrounds and perspectives, with different views on various issues but a shared commitment to democracy, free flow of information and comradely exchange of ideas.

The hundreds of copies sold at Labour Party conference and The World Transformed, and the generally positive response so far, show the potential.

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