Campaign for the rights of relief, cover and pool staff

Submitted by Anon on 6 March, 2004 - 7:58

Across many grades, the "cover" staff are getting a raw deal. Shifts changed at a moment's notice give no chance to plan a social life or organise child care. Tubeworker has launched a campaign which wants:

  1. All reserve/pool staff to receive their duties 28 days in advance.
  2. Rest days to be allocated with equal rights to long weekends with rostered staff.
  3. Shift patterns to follow as near as possible rostered staff patterns, to allow proper sleep cycles.
  4. More rostered posts with more spare turns on the roster, enabling staff to achieve a rostered position.
  5. Lockers at an agreed location for reserves and the right to book on at that location and travel to work site in company time.
  6. An extra pay allowance for reserve/pool staff to appreciate the anti-social hours of their work.

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