Bus workers speak out

Submitted by Anon on 26 June, 2009 - 7:45

It is clear to all that the demands of the majority of Iranian society go far beyond economic demands. During the past few years, we have emphasized that so long as the principle of freedom of organisation and choice is not realized, any talk of social freedom and economic rights is more of a joke as opposed to reality.

On the basis of this reality, the Vahed Bus Workers Syndicate supports those who are giving their all to build a free and independent civil institution. We condemn any kind of suppression and intimidation.

In order to recognize economic and social rights in Iran, Friday 26 June has been declared an international day of support for imprisoned workers and trade unions in Iran. We are calling on everyone to consider this day to be more than a defence of economic rights. Let’s transform this day into a commemoration of human rights in Iran, and ask our fellow workers around the world to take actions in defence of the pummeled rights of the majority of Iranians.

For the Expansion of Justice and Freedom!

The Vahed Bus Workers Syndicate (Tehran) June 2009

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