Bus strikes suspended

Submitted by Matthew on 18 February, 2015 - 1:51 Author: Gemma Short

On February 11, Unite called off planned London bus drivers’ strikes scheduled for February 13 and 16.

In a press release Unite described this as laying down the “gauntlet” and “challenging the 18 bus companies to enter talks”. Yet there has been no news of these talks actually happening.

Solidarity spoke to drivers at Hackney Central bus depot, run by Arriva — the lowest payer — who have concerns over strikes being called off. One driver believed this was down to a lack of clear demands from Unite as to what pay they were aiming to win, leading some drivers from higher paying companies to worry they may lose out in any London-wide deal.

Unite also claims that Transport for London has acted in a biased way in the dispute, although how is unclear.

Unite should be clear — pay should be levelled up to that of the highest paid drivers, and the running of the buses should be brought back in house!

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