Against the occupation? Yes, but: With the workers, not the "resistance"!

Submitted by Anon on 6 March, 2004 - 7:52

Whichever precise component of the so-called "resistance" in Iraq which was responsible for the atrocities on 2 March, it reveals the character of this movement. According to Iraqi officials 271 people have been murdered in bomb attacks on participants in a Shi'a religious festival in Baghdad and the holy city of Karbala. Perhaps a million Shi'a had flocked to Karbala, the first time in decades it has been possible for the festival of Ashura to be observed. The attacks were calculated to cause the largest number of civilian casualties.
The "resistance" consists, in the main, of old Ba'thists and of Sunni Islamic sectarians, some of whose aim is to transform Iraq into a 'jihad' along the lines of Afghanistan under USSR occupation.

The outrages in Baghdad and Karbala were motivated, presumably, by the desire to make the country "ungovernable" for the US and UK authorities - but also, unmistakably, to terrorise and intimidate the Shi'a majority who they fear will take power when the occupation hands over sovereignty to Iraqis.

This "resistance" is not a movement against national oppression which socialists can support. It is murderous and reactionary, and deserves our strongest condemnation. Our Solidarity must be entirely with the workers of Iraq who are struggling to build organisations which can fight for workers' rights and shape the future of Iraq.

Gerry Bates

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