ABP face national dock strike

Submitted by AWL on 15 August, 2004 - 9:35

The prospect of the first national dock strike since the end of the National Dock Labour Scheme 14 years ago has come closer.
The T&GWU says that its members at Associated British Ports (ABP) will be asked to vote on strike action. This follows the dockers, drivers and port workers covering 23 port operations rejecting a 2.9% pay offer by three to one.
The key points of the union's claim are:

  • A minimum hourly rate of £7.50 an hour and a 5% increase to all rates currently over £7.50.
  • A one hour reduction in the working week to 38 hours with no loss of pay.
  • A £10 an hour minimum hourly rate for LGV1 drivers for a 48 hour week.

The union argues that the improvements are affordable. Last year's results from ABP show operating profits had risen 4% to £74.5m, turnover was up 7% at £174m and tonnage throughput had risen by 3%.

For further information please call the T&G Press Office on 020 7611 2550/49.

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