1st October: Take action against immigration controls

Submitted by AWL on 22 July, 2005 - 5:27

The international conference of “No One Is Illegal” on 25 June called for an international day of action on Saturday 1 October against immigration controls.

Everyday the apparatus of detention and deportation become more brutal. Each year the rights to benefits, work and vital services for migrants and asylum seekers are reduced.

Each year new legislation targets places further restrictions of rights of entry to more people.

But each day resistance grows. Migrants’ organisations are linking up across Europe and across continents. Some trades unions have are organising and representing all workers regardless of their immigration status stating “no worker is illegal”. Voluntary organisations have been persuaded not to collaborate with the Home Office and
Immigration “Service”.

Why not organise something in your area — at enforcement units, detention centres, prisons, courts, newspapers etc? Some actions are being planned where children march from schools in support of their friends under threat of deportation.

Email: info@noii.org.uk No One Is Illegal, Bolton Socialist Club, 16 Wood Street, Bolton, BL1 1DY.

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