Women's oppression, feminism and the left - a book of readings

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Feminism today is very fragmented. After Second Wave Feminism some of the political strands associated with that movement lived on and mutated. In the early 90s in academia, under the influence of post-modernism and among activists a new “generation” of feminism emerged.

“Third Wave” feminism drew on the women’s liberation movement of the 1970s and developed some distinctive features.

This collection of readings and discussion points reviews new developments in feminism, highlighting issues for the left and for a renewed socialist feminism.

"Women's oppression, feminism and the left" is a collection of readings about socialist feminist ideas, other forms of feminism and how women's liberation fits in with socialist politics.

Part 1: Feminist theories today
A: Second wave feminism
B: Liberal and Radical Feminism
C. Anarcha-feminism
D: Socialist feminism
E: Judith Butler
F: Third wave: go global and be intersectional
G: Sex work

Part two: Experiences in the labour movement, on the left
A: Our unions should challenge sexism
B: Beyond the Fragments revisited
C: Working-class women and organising

Plus further reading on Marxist feminism and race and class.

Each part has discussion points so the booklet can easily be used as part of a reading group.

Currently out of print. You may want to buy our book Why Socialist Feminism?

Or read online here.

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