Protest against neo-Nazis after Tottenham stabbing

Submitted by AWL on 24 June, 2014 - 1:45

A crowd of about 200 people gathered outside Tottenham Town Hall on Monday night to protest fascism in the area following a racist attack on Saturday night..

A 24 year-old Polish man, believed to be Jewish, was knifed at a music festival in Markfield Park after neo-Nazis from the Zjednoczeni Emigranci (ZE) group stormed the event. They also threw flares and rocks at the crowd. The man who was stabbed was treated at hospital and is recovering well.

Unite Against Fascism (UAF), which is led by the Socialist Workers’ Party (SWP), called a demonstration, to which a good number of activists showed up despite short notice and little advertising. A diverse range of people were represented, including local residents, the Turkish and Kurdish community centre DAY-MER, National Union of Teachers members, independent leftwingers, anarchists and members of the Green Party, SWP, RS21, the Socialist Party, Workers’ Power and the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty.

After UAF called an end to the demonstration, about one hundred anti-fascists marched down Tottenham High Road to the park where the attack took place, led by Polish anti-fascists from Dywizjon 161 and the Anti-Fascist Network.

Ultra-nationalists from ZE have been increasingly active in Tottenham, gathering around the green adjacent to the Town Hall and in Markfield Park and leaving racist graffiti, including some around Seven Sisters station.

A further demonstration has been called for Saturday, 28 June, in Markfield Park at 3pm.

For more information, see the London Anti-Fascists Facebook page here.

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