Planning for May 2015

Submitted by Matthew on 18 June, 2014 - 1:41

Solidarity and Workers’ Liberty activists will seek in the May 2015 general election to work with other socialists in the Labour Party and in the labour movement to create a clear socialist voice within the campaign to win a Labour government.

As against Ukip, the Tories, the Lib-Dems, possible Tory-Ukip or Tory/ Lib-Dem coalitions, or a possible Labour/ Lib-Dem coalition, we are in solidarity with the broad labour movement and its desire for a Labour government.

Yet Labour leaders say they will continue cuts, and are designing policies for government through unaccountable cabals rather than democratic debate in the labour movement.

A campaign is also necessary to promote working-class and socialist measures, as demands for the labour movement to press upon the Labour leaders, and as policy for working-class struggle under and against a new Labour government. We will ask other socialist groups to join us in this campaign.

The campaign does not rule out Workers’ Liberty, or other groups within the campaign, supporting good non-Labour left candidates where they can advance socialist ideas and not help the Tories.

However, the prospects on those lines are poor. Despite investing much effort and money, the TUSC coalition run by the Socialist Party and the RMT union had poor results on 22 May. That was true even in areas like Lewisham and Coventry, where before 2010 the Socialist Party had for two decades had a number of councillors, who stood as socialists and not just on the minimal anti-cuts platform of TUSC.

No2EU did very badly (0.2%), and on a platform which we consider not left-wing. Left Unity did little on 22 May. It looks like doing little in May 2015, and that little on a blurred “broad left” platform.

On the basis of experience in previous elections, we believe that for socialists to go out seeking sponsors, getting motions in support through labour movement bodies, producing leaflets, asking trade-union bodies to use their text and their demands in communications to members around the election, and running street stalls, while backing a Labour victory, is the best way to get socialist ideas heard at election time.

A basic decision on these lines was made by a national Workers’ Liberty meeting on 14 June. We will now set about discussions with other socialists about how best to shape and launch the effort.

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