What UKIP stands for

Submitted by AWL on 13 May, 2014 - 6:19

What does UKIP stand for?

1. UKIP are a bosses party in favour of tax cuts for the rich. They want to abolish inheritance tax and cut taxes for business. They would axe public services, reduce state pensions, and cut funding to schools and colleges.

2. Nigel Farage claimed £2 million expenses from Europe for the last four years. He registered an off shore Trust Fund in the Isle of Man to avoid paying taxes

3. UKIP want the health service fully opened up to the market. They are against publicly funded and run healthcare, and support people opting out of NHS services and paying to skip A&E queues. They would see hospitals closed, jobs lost and care sold to the cheapest bidder.

4. UKIP want to return to an elite education system. They want grammar schools for the rich and talented and would leave everyone else behind. College and Universities would become an elite privilege. UKIP are like the Tories of 50 or 60 years ago.

5. UKIP would end maternity leave. They want UK to join a club of just five countries in the world who do not support women who work to take time off for child birth. Nigel Farage thinks business should be able to choose not to employ women. UKIP want the church to have a greater say in family policy. UKIP oppose gay marriage and see LGBT equality as a problem. Their councillors have attacked disabled people and their rights. They want cuts to services to support disabled people and older people.

6. UKIP are happy to increase spending on some areas but they want to double Britain’s prison numbers. In 2010 they called for the establishment of “boot camps” for young people.

7. UKIP deny that climate change is caused by human behaviour, they don’t want to save our planet and don’t want curbs on pollution and waste. UKIP Education spokesman MEP Derek Clark pledged that “all teaching of global warming being caused in any way by carbon dioxide emissions must...be banned. It just is not happening.”

8. UKIP see Britain as superpower that needs more missiles and war ships, rather than hospitals and schools. They will cut spending to public services to spend on war.

9. UKIP want to scrap paid leave for workers, scrap sick pay, and scrap maternity pay. UKIP are the party of rich businesses. They want a bonfire of employment rights and “would put an end to most legislation regarding matters such as weekly working hours, holidays … overtime, redundancy or sick pay etc. and provide a statutory, standard, very short employment contract template.”

10. UKIP scaremonger: two million UK citizens live or work in Europe and two million Europeans live or work in the UK. The recent poster campaign: “26 million unemployed in Europe want to come here and steal our jobs” is just whipping up fear and prejudice. It is arrogance to say that workers want to leave their jobs and families to move to Britain. You could say millions of the unemployed in the north want to go to the south and steal jobs there!

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