Safety in Turkey

Submitted by Matthew on 27 November, 2013 - 11:37

We have been waging a campaign against work accidents which are rampant in Turkey.

Central to the campaign is a petition to be finally submitted to parliament. Hundreds of UID-DER activists worked hard during the campaign which has the main slogan: “Work Accidents are not Destiny, Stop Workers Dying of Work Accidents!”

During the campaign about 500,000 people have been contacted face to face. We have already surpassed our specific goal which was 100,000 signatures.

To appeal to workers, the activists worked under all kinds of hardships in working-class neighbourhoods, at factory entrances, so called industrial zones and city squares during the campaign. They set up stalls, organised street activities etc.

UID-DER’s Workers’ Health and Safety Committee visited the workplaces in which work accidents occurred and workers who experienced work accidents and recorded such cases. Many cases which were tried to keep secret by the bosses were publicised by UID-DER. Meetings about workers’ health and safety were held in many workplaces and working-class neighbourhoods.

The petition [was handed in] on November 21.

We will hold a public event on December 15. The event will be in a trade union hall with the participation of trade union officials, some socialist MPs and workers who experienced work accidents from diverse industries and families who lost their loved ones in work accidents.

An important part of the event will be international solidarity messages.

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