Tube workers gear up for strikes

Submitted by Matthew on 6 November, 2013 - 1:52

The Rail, Maritime, and Transport workers’ union (RMT) is balloting London Underground train maintenance workers for strikes and action short of strikes.

The union is trying to stop management imposing unilateral changes to workers’ terms and conditions.

Meanwhile, an all-grades ballot of Tube workers for strikes to demand an end to casualisation, and for workers supplied by agencies, including the 33 previously employed by Trainpeople, to be offered permanent jobs, is due to begin this week.

RMT is also in dispute with LU bosses over ticket office closures. Management are gearing up for another assault on jobs and staffing levels.

The rank-and-file bulletin Tubeworker said: “We cannot approach this situation as individuals. We need an effective, collective response.”

Tubeworker supporters are advocating an all-grades battle that uses creative and strategic action, informs and involves members, and links the industrial battle to a political fight for a “workers’ and passengers’ plan” for the transformation of London Underground.

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