Lewisham win

Submitted by Matthew on 6 November, 2013 - 9:08

On 30 October, the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign and Lewisham Council beat the government at an appeal hearing in the High Court.

A judge once again ruled that Kershaw and Hunt had acted beyond their powers, and that it was unlawful for them to have overridden the objections of the Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group.

The government may now want to go to the Supreme Court but the more real and pressing danger is that the government will rush through changes to the law.

The government still wants powers to cut the NHS and this court ruling puts a real limit on their ability to do that within current legislation. This ruling may, for example, help overturn damaging changes in Staffordshire.

We need to campaign against a change in the law.

A petition on that issue was launched on the day of the court victory.

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