Support the Palestinians!

Submitted by Matthew on 18 September, 2013 - 11:03

Trade union and student union activists are promoting the following statement on Israel/Palestine. The Palestinians’ struggles have been somewhat sidelined by the international focus on the wider “Arab Spring”. The Israeli government’s policy aims to make Palestinian independence a historical impossibility. This cannot be allowed to happen. Please sign the statement by emailing, and put a motion of support in your trade union branch, student union, or campaign group.

We call for the immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops from the Occupied Palestinian territories, and the creation of a really independent Palestinian state in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza, in contiguous territory, alongside Israel.

This is of great urgency because the Israeli government continues to build settlements in the Palestinian territories, and refuses to negotiate seriously. It aims to make a genuinely independent Palestinian state impossible. This situation is a factor endangering the whole region.

There is also a religious-sectarian polarisation across the region. Secularism, equal rights for all religions and none, and the right of self-determination for all nations — including the Palestinians, the Kurds and the Israeli Jews — are an essential part of winning democracy, peace between nations, working-class unity and social advance in the Middle East.

We call on the British government, the EU and the US to withdraw the political, economic, diplomatic and military “aid” they give the Israeli government until it negotiates a deal giving the Palestinians the right to a really independent state in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza.

We will work for the British and international labour movement to liaise with and help efforts in the region, including by Palestinian and Israeli activists, to fight for workers’ rights, democracy, secularism and the right of all nations to self-determination.

(All individual signatories in a personal capacity)

• Pat Murphy, Nation Union of Teachers national executive

• Ian Leaver, NUT national executive

• Roy Bowser, NUT national executive

• Camila Bassi, Sheffield Hallam University UCU

• Maria Exall, CWU Greater London Combined Branch secretary

• Rosie Huzzard, National Union of Students national executive council

• James McAsh, NUS NEC

• Roshni Joshi, NUS NEC 2012-13, National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts NC

• Janine Booth, RMT council of executives

• Tony Byrne, RMT Midland Regional Council Assistant Secretary

• Liam McNulty, London Young Labour committee

• Hannah Thompson, London Young Labour committee and Labour Representation Committee NC

• Shreya Paudel, Middlesex University Students’ Union president 2012-13

• Daniel Cooper, University of London Union vice president

• Matt Wells, PCS 001026 Branch Organiser

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