EDL leader backs Ukip

Submitted by Matthew on 16 April, 2013 - 8:25

Prominent English Defence League spokesperson Stephen Lennon (also known as Tommy Robinson) has publicly backed Ukip, calling on other “nationalist” parties not to stand against them.

Lennon/Robinson cited the party’s platform on Europe and “Islam” as points of agreement with the EDL’s own approach.

The EDL’s last attempt to intervene in official politics was an alliance with the far-right British Freedom Party, which was deregistered in December 2012 after failing to submit its accounts to the Electoral Commission.

Ukip has distanced itself from the EDL, affirming that party members found to be involved in EDL activities will be expelled.

If any kind of relationship develops on the ground between EDL divisions and Ukip branches, anti-fascists will need to be on the guard.

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