Leading trade unionist Steve Hedley accused of domestic violence

Submitted by cathy n on 10 March, 2013 - 6:52

Caroline Leneghan, an RMT member, has publicly accused her former partner Steve Hedley, who is Assistant General Secretary of the RMT, of serious domestic violence.

She says: “I have decided to make a public statement about this because of his public position in the union and because I want to encourage other women to come forward who have faced similar abuse”.

Her statement also contains detailed criticisms of her union’s handling of an investigation into complaints against Hedley: “I was distressed and astonished at the questions I was asked and the investigating officer displayed a total lack of respect and sensitivity, and a lack of understanding of domestic violence.”

Caroline proposes: “A support group made up of women from the left and labour movement to support women and challenging abuse and sexism should be set up.”

This statement needs to be read and seriously discussed across the labour movement and on the entire socialist left, but especially in the RMT and the Socialist Party as Hedley is listed on their website as an SP public figure.

Read the document in full on Caroline’s blog

Steve Hedley resigns from Socialist Party.

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