Scottish students get organised

Submitted by AWL on 19 February, 2013 - 1:40

A Scottish branch of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts was last weekend formally established at a conference of more than 70 delegates in Aberdeen. Delegates from across Scotland voted overwhelmingly to adopt a proposed constitution and to establish a committee at a two-day conference.

A significant proportion of the conference agenda was dedicated to debating the issue of Scottish independence and a proposed motion which would have committed NCAFC Scotland to actively supporting independence was narrowly voted down following a lengthy debate and series of amendments, meaning that the campaign remains neutral.
The conference also adopted a motion calling to “provide support in terms of finances, logistics and campaigners to any groups on a campus not already affiliated to NUS who wish to run an affiliation campaign” as well as to actively run or support candidates in the upcoming NUS Scotland conference. Two of NUS Scotland’s three current full-time officers attended the conference as members of NCAFC.
James McAsh, one of the organisers of the conference and President of Edinburgh University Students’ Association, said "NCAFC Scotland conference really showed the valuable role NCAFC plays in the student movement. There was a comradely atmosphere even when we discussed contentious issues like Scottish independence, and everyone came out of it energised to go on to do great things. A big focus from here will be on fuel poverty and working with the labour movement."

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