A system where the rich get away with child abuse

Submitted by Matthew on 7 November, 2012 - 7:56

If you’re rich and well-connected, you can get away with child abuse. That’s how this system works.

Ex-Tory MP Rod Richards claims to have seen evidence implicating Peter Morrison, a very high-placed Tory, in systematic child abuse around North Wales children's homes between 1974 and 1990.

Morrison was parliamentary private secretary to prime minister Margaret Thatcher in 1990, and organiser of Thatcher’s failed effort to retain the Tory leadership that year.

Another leading Tory, not yet named, is also said to have been involved.

The North Wales child abuse took 16 years to get out. Then there was an official inquiry, which got some children’s home workers brought to court.

But the inquiry dismissed claims that prominent public figures were involved. It was limited to abuse within the children’s homes, and excluded cases of children taken from the homes to be abused.

Steve Messham, one of those abused as a child, has told the BBC: “You were taken by car, where basically you were sexually abused. Various things would happen, drink would be involved, it was basically rape...

“It was like you were sold, we were taken to the Crest Hotel in Wrexham, mainly on Sunday nights, where they would rent rooms”.

In the aftermath of the Jimmy Savile case, it is no longer possible to keep a lid on this case, and the Government has ordered two new inquiries.

It’s 38 years since the abuse began. 38 years! Peter Morrison died many years ago, and now the Tories think it’s safe to allow wider inquiry.

The Tories sit at the top of a system where abuse of the poor by the rich, the weak by the strong, the isolated by those with powerful connections, is routine, at every level from relatively mild bullying by bosses in the workplace through to horrors like this case and the Savile scandal.

Each level of abuse builds on the lower levels, until the people at the top think they can get anyway with anything. Whistle-blowers are discouraged, harassed, and often persecuted.

An unequal society is an abusive society. Fight now to replace it by a society based on human solidarity and protection for the weakest!

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