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Submitted by Matthew on 26 October, 2012 - 8:39

AWL members sold several hundred copies of this newspaper on the 20 October TUC demo in central London.

Our paper has two prices — 80p waged and 30p unwaged — to make it more accessible to people on low incomes. But on the demo, and regularly on street and estate sales, people ask us why we don’t copy the Metro, a paper read by hundreds of thousands of people, and give Solidarity away for free? Wouldn’t we then be able to “compete” with the mainstream media?

In a word — no. A revolutionary socialist paper produced by a small group is never going to “compete” with the reach of a mainstream publication, owned by a huge capitalist corporation, with millionaire backers, and financed by advertising.

But how seriously do people take the Metro or the Evening Standard anyway? Certainly they have some role in influencing and shaping people’s opinions. But articles read in a publication acquired for free on a tired journey to or from work are unlikely to make much of an impact.

We want Solidarity to make a different kind of impact, and asking for a small financial contribution is one way of making the act of obtaining a copy a more serious exchange than picking up a free-sheet.

But the money we make from selling copies of Solidarity is only to cover our costs and is just part of the financial support the AWL relies on to survive. We rely much more on regular financial contributions and donations, so we’re able to continue producing the paper and other materials, and sustain our activist work.

Help us raise £15,000 by May Day 2013. You can contribute in the following ways:

* Taking out a monthly standing order using the form at Please post completed forms to us at the AWL address below.

* Making a donation by cheque, payable to “AWL”, or donating online at

* Organising a fundraising event.

* Taking copies of Solidarity to sell.

* Get in touch to discuss joining the AWL. More information: 07796 690874 / / AWL, 20E Tower Workshops, 58 Riley Road, London SE1 3DG.

Total raised so far: £1,861

We raised £778 this week from sales of literature and merchandise on the 20 October demonstration and increased standing orders. Thanks to Duncan and Dan H.

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