A new fund drive for the AWL

Submitted by Matthew on 10 October, 2012 - 10:55

Looking at the explosive struggles in Greece and Spain, or mass strike victories like the Chicago teachers or Queensland Children’s Hospital construction workers, or at inspiring incipient labour movements like that of the Chinese workers, you could get gloomy about the relatively low levels of struggle in Britain and the lack of strategy from the capitulatory trade union leaders.

But lulls never last. We are only living through a quiet period in very noisy times, and struggles on the scale of Greece and Spain — a scale not seen in Britain since the 1980s — will return again to this country.

What socialists do now, in the relative “lull”, can make a huge difference to how quickly they return, and how they fare when they do.

We believe that our organisation, the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, has an irreplaceable role to play in ensuring that struggle revives and succeeds.

AWL members in workplaces are integral to catalysing and helping shape workers’ struggles on a democratic, rank-and-file basis. Our publications combine activist news, historical and theoretical education, and debate and discussion between socialists with different views in a way that is sadly all too rare on the contemporary left. The AWL attempts to be a force for agitating, educating and organising for revolutionary-democratic socialist ideas within the labour movement.

To help us do this, we have redesigned our paper to make it more readable and accessible. We must replace the very old computers in our office.

We have published three new books — What Is Capitalism? Can It Last?; Working-Class Politics and Anarchism; and Antonio Gramsci: Working-Class Revolutionary — which contain discussion, polemics, and debates to equip revolutionaries with the ideas to change the world. We are organising more public activity, with a dayschool in London on 24 November on the prospects for revolution in Europe.

To do all of this, we need funds. If you think that this paper is a useful resource, if you think that our ideas matter, if you think that any aspect of our work is valuable, you should support us both financially and through getting involved in our activity.

We are launching a new drive to raise £15,000 by May Day 2013 to help continue and develop this work. Please support us by donating.

You can help us by:

* Taking out a monthly standing order. There is a form here. Please post to us at the AWL address below.

* Making a donation. You can send it to us at the address below (cheques payable to “AWL”) or donate online here.

* Organising a fundraising event.

* Taking copies of Solidarity to sell at your workplace, university/college or campaign group.

* Get in touch to discuss joining the AWL.

More information: 07796 690 874 / awl@workersliberty.org / AWL, 20E Tower Workshops, 58 Riley Road, London SE1 3DG.

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