London bus pickets confront scabs

Submitted by Matthew on 29 June, 2012 - 12:50

On 22 June hardly any students made it into the college I work at because of the strike.

I went down to my local picket line during my lunch break; it was the best picket line I’ve ever been to. There were at least 40 there when I went, and apparently it was much bigger earlier. There was a very lively atmosphere and people were willing to try and stop the scab-driven buses that were coming out. There were some attempts to block them, people shouted "traitors" at the drivers and they opened the bus doors to properly argue with them.

People I spoke to were positive about how the day had gone and were confident that they will be out again. We’re entering a dispute over redundancies at my college, but staff there have little history of taking action.

The bus strike was important because all our staff saw the impact it had, so it showed them what can happen when workers take action.

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