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25,000 in Frankfurt: Euro-solidarity against the Euro-cuts, 20 May, 2012

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Some 25,000 demonstrators marched through Frankfurt on Saturday 19th to protest at the European Central Bank against the imposed Euro-cuts.

The march was the culmination of four "European days of action", 16 to 19 May, called by "Blockupy Frankurt".

Several hundred activists were arrested earlier in the week, but cops backed off on Saturday.

The organisers declared:

"With thousands of participants from many European countries we are creating a clear and visible sign of solidarity in the financial centre of Frankfurt against authoritarian crisis-management and forced pauperisation by the Troika of the EU Commission, ECB and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

"With the international demonstration, we want to denounce the destructive policies of the Troika and of the German government driving it. Their policy is contrary to the wishes and needs of the population.

"In order to demonstrate our protest, we will take a variety of thematic statements on banners and signs with us, expose abuses and make demands. We will have in addition to the usual emblems have icons drawing attention to everyday situations and struggles.

"For example, ladders and boats symbolise the perilous passage across heavily-armed European borders by undocumented migrants. Cardboard tanks criticise war, militarisation and the businesses that serve it. Large dolls and shopping carts symbolise the precarious working conditions of millions of people. Drums and protective clothing illustrate the myriad of devastating ecological disasters such as Fukushima and Deepwater Horizon. Imagination knows no borders.

"At the demonstration, we want, through the size, strength and diversity of our colourful and broad protest, to make it impossible to ignore networks, initiatives, parties and individuals involved in Blockupy.

"The demonstration will represent the loud and multilingual many who in the days before expressed their protest and resistance in Assembleas, sit-ins and creative actions on the streets of Frankfurt".


Submitted by guenter on Mon, 21/05/2012 - 12:27

i wonder, that u didnt mention, that almost all planed activities on the 4 days, except the demonstration on saturday, have been forbidden (made illegal9 by the judge.
before the demo, the police carried all the occupy-campers in front of the european central bank away.
if we compare this to non-forbidden demos of neonazis, its a quest, if such an almost complete forbid of anticapitalist protest is an step towards bonarpatism; at least 1 more step away from democracy.

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