Organising against anti-choice bigotry

Submitted by Matthew on 2 May, 2012 - 7:18

On 28 April, the Society for the Protection of the Unborn Child organised a series of “vigils” (i.e. demonstrations) against abortion in towns across the UK. They were met by pro-choice protests.

In Sheffield SPUC numbered around twenty. We were 30 or more. The vigil was next to Meadowhall shopping centre, so was very busy with traffic. The vast majority of public support was for us, lots of cars honking, smiles and waves. There was a peaceful atmosphere, lots of young feminists as well as some older men and women.

The Liverpool SPUC event was attended by about 20 anti-abortionists and 30 pro-choice activists. North West Infidels had said they would turn up but they didn’t. The demonstration was held outside a church by a busy roadside in Childwall. The counter protest was lively and we effectively stopped their placards being seen by covering them with our own. We came up with chants raising the positive demands necessary for a woman's right to chose, which really put the pro-life lot on the defensive.

Our demo was on the whole very young and mainly anarchist with a few trade unionists present.

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