Save Sure Start!

Submitted by Matthew on 25 April, 2012 - 7:39

On Thursday 19 April, a colourful and noisy protest of 250 women, children and men, plus teddy bears and balloons took place in opposition to cuts in Sure Start nursery care provision in Liverpool.

The council is planning to cut close 10 of 26 Sure Start centres. This will mean job cuts as well as the devastation of childcare services people rely on.

Private nurseries are over subscribed so many parent are worried they cannot continue to work or study.

The protest took place at the consultation meeting called by Liverpool council — 100 people went inside to present a petition while the rest stayed outside and blocked the rush hour traffic.

Many of those on the protest were workers at the centres; some were scared of being seen on the protest but all had been collecting petitions and joining with parents to oppose the cuts to jobs and services.

Many of the workers said they were Unison members and that there had been no meetings to let them know what was happening.

Consultation meetings will take place at each centre — parents and workers will attend all of those meetings making their opposition clear.

We now need union meetings to organise ballots for action and a co-ordinated ongoing community campaign.

Merseyside Women Against the Cuts and Liverpool Against the Cuts will be helping with that co-ordination.

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