London teachers to strike

Submitted by Matthew on 22 February, 2012 - 12:35

Teachers across 12 sixth-form colleges in London will take half a day’s strike action on Thursday 23 February.

The workers at Brooke House, Christ the King, Coulsden, Havering, Leyton, Newham, Sir George Monoux, City and Islington, St Charles, St Francis Xavier, Woodhouse and John Ruskin will walk out from lunchtime. The strikes are part of a national campaign against cuts to college budgets and attacks on pay and conditions. The strike action, however, is initially limited to London.

Funding cuts could mean a 12% for colleges over the next year. The National Union of Teachers has called a lobby of Parliament for the day of the strike.

The decision to strike for just half a day was taken after employers agreed to further negotiations on a 2013 pay deal.

Rinaldo Frezzato, of Waltham Forest NUT, said sixth-forms were “at severe risk of redundancies if the Government’s cuts go ahead.

“That means children’s education will suffer because they will have less courses available and ultimately that will leave Britain’s economy in a worse state.”

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