UAF: why I'm standing

Submitted by Matthew on 8 February, 2012 - 10:04

South London anti-fascist and socialist Justin Baidoo is standing in a Unite Against Fascism election for Assistant Secretary.

The AWL is glad Justin is standing and will support his campaign. From his (much longer) statement:

“While the UAF are good at mobilising people out for demonstrations, it appears as if UAF parachutes into a community for a counter-demo and leaves once it has ended. I know there are good local groups that do work throughout the year. But for the number of activists that are affiliated to the national organisation, those groups are too few and far between. We have not enabled strong local groups to share their skills with new members who are interested in developing local groups.

I believe this is because UAF has suffered from a lack of internal democracy and grassroots led decision making. I believe if we are to be effective in stamping out racism and hatred in all its forms, we need to strengthen our base and change tactics that don’t work. By developing active participation through democratic structures we can learn and share good examples and experiences.”

• Full statement here

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