Student campaign forces Government climbdown

Submitted by Matthew on 25 January, 2012 - 3:59

Late on Monday 23 January, the Daily Telegraph website reported that the government has shelved its Higher Education Bill.

This Bill would have made it easier for private, for-profit companies to run courses in UK universities. It will now not be debated until at least 2013, and may be put back even further, or lost altogether. Details are still unclear, but this decision marks a major climbdown for the Government, which is effectively junking a central plank of its education reform policy and stymying the process of privatisation of education. It has been made possible by two years of mass protest, led in large part by the NCAFC.

The fight against the HE White Paper and the Liberal-Tory agenda for education is not yet over — but this is a milestone success that vindicates our strategy.

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