Bangladeshi garment workers rally in support of N30 strikes

Submitted by AWL on 30 November, 2011 - 11:05

By Amirul Haque Amin, President, NGWF

Today, 30 November in the capital city of Dhaka, the National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF) organized a solidarity rally in support of striking workers in the UK. Several hundred garment workers took
part in the rally with Bangladeshi flags and red flag.

The rally was was address comrade Rashed Khan Menon MP, Mr. Steve Grinter (Education Secretary of the International Textile, Garments and Leather Workers Federation) as well as representatives of thr Trade Union Congress, student leader Mr. Bappadittaya Boshu (President of Student Unity of Bangladesh), and central leaders of the NGWF Safia Pervin, Faruk Khan, Mrs. Arifa Akter, Ms. Nasima Akter, Mrs. Jeesmin and Kabir Hossain.

Declaration of the Solidarity Rally

1. The rally expresses full support and solidarity for the strike in thr UK.
2. The rally protests the decision of UK government to move cut pension benefits for the workers and urges the UK government to stop this.
3. The rally urges governments including Bangladesh and UK not to adopt any policy according to the prescription by the World Bank,
IMF and IFC. Those are very much anti-workers and anti-peoples.
4. The rally urges governments not to serve the interest of the multinationals rather than working peoples.
5. The rally urges all workers and working peoples to unite and fight for rights and better conditions.

Comrade Rashed Khan Menon MP expressed his full support for the strikes in the UK, as well as the garment workers of Bangladesh who
organised the rally. He also called all the workers for unite to fight MNCs and all anti-worker international institutions like World Bank, IMF, IFC and others.

Steve Grinter thanked the NGWF for organising the rally and said it gave meaning to the idea of global trade union solidarity between North and South.

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