Dale Farm eviction

Submitted by Matthew on 26 October, 2011 - 10:41

Police and bailiffs finally succeeded in breaking the resistance of traveller families and their supporters and, on Wednesday 19 October, began clearing plots at the Dale Farm campsite.

Over 100 riot police were mobilised to aid with the eviction and tasers were used on travellers and activists defending the site.

Electricity to the caravans was disconnected, endangering the life of a man whose defibrillator stopped working. He was later rushed to hospital.

34 people were arrested.

Bailiffs also breached a High Court order stipulating that they must give 48 hours’ notice before commencing any demolition of caravans or chalets.

Activists will meet on Saturday 5 November in Whitechapel to discuss building ongoing solidarity with traveller communities. That task now looks ever more important.

• For more information, see bit.ly/rQIz9H

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