Tube to ballot against sacking

Submitted by Matthew on 12 October, 2011 - 12:25

Rail union RMT has announced plans to ballot its train grade members to win the reinstatement of sacked driver James Masango.

A recent employment tribunal found 100% in James’s favour, ruling that he had been ordered back to work too soon after an illness. That led to the mistake which cost him his job. Despite the tribunal’s decision, London Underground has still not reinstated James. RMT general secretary Bob Crow said “we now have no option but to launch a public campaign and to begin preparations for a ballot for action of all our train grade members to put right this gross injustice.”

Tube drivers will also be balloted for action short of a strike in a separate dispute over safety. The union has objected to particular aspects of the Operational Effectiveness Programme which it says are unsafe, in part because of the huge cull of station staff jobs undertaken in early 2011. That situation is set to worsen, with bosses planning to displace over 500 station staff to fill vacancies elsewhere on the network.

Rank-and-file activists in the union also begin campaigning this week against London Underground’s four-year pay deal.

Although a recent reps’ meeting voted to recommend acceptance of the deal, many activists insist that locking the union into a four-year deal means fighting a clearly cuts-happy management with one hand tied behind our back.

• For more on the campaign against the pay deal, see Tubeworker's blog

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