Strikes escalate at Stow College

Submitted by Matthew on 12 October, 2011 - 12:29

Unison members in Stow College in Glasgow are stepping up their campaign of strike action against the imposition of a pay freeze.

A fortnight ago the union’s 90 members —learning support workers, administration and clerical workers, caretakers, cleaners and catering workers – staged a 24-hour strike.

Around 60 strikers and their supporters turned up for the picket line at the college’s city centre campus, while a smaller number of strikers picketed its campus in the West End.

Last week catering staff staged a three-day strike.

Support for the strike was solid, with picket lines again organised at both campuses. To help raise funds for the dispute strikers organised a “Solidarity Sausage Stand” on one picket line.

This week sees another three days of selective strike action by canteen workers, with a solidarity rally on 12 October (the second day of the strike).

Many of the staff on strike are low paid. Some earn only slightly more than the national minimum wage. With inflation running at over 5%, the college’s “pay freeze” amounts to a pay cut in real terms.

The pay freeze also breaches the commitment given by the college last year that pay rates would be raised to the level of the Scottish Living Wage.

It also breaches the Scottish Government’s minimum standard of a £250 pay rise for any public sector employee on less than £21,000 a year.

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